The Lung DOT at the UW Carbone Cancer Center is participating in Carbone's Race for Research to bring awareness about the stigma of lung cancer


While all the 5K racers at Race for Research breathe a bit heavier as they reach the finish line, there is one team that notices their breathing just a little bit more: UW Carbone's Lung DOT.

The Lung DOT, or disease-oriented team, is made up of clinical researchers and physicians who conduct clinical trials at UW Carbone on lung and other thoracic cancers. If you were at Race for Research last year, you may remember them as the team that did not wear the grey Race t-shirts, but instead had their own unmistakable red t-shirts with white lungs printed on them.

The team's motivation to participate and raise money for clinical research at Race for Research each year is their patients. The majority of lung cancers are not diagnosed until stage 4, meaning most patients have a poor prognosis and difficult recovery. Also, the team said, there is a stigma that all lung cancer is caused by smoking, and, sadly, some people choose not to donate to lung cancer research for that reason. Each person who works in the Lung DOT wants to remind people that no one deserves lung cancer, regardless of their smoking history, and that all patients deserve early detection and treatments to help them beat the disease.

The Lung DOT knows that increased funding for lung cancer research leads to those earlier detection methods and to better treatment options once someone is diagnosed. For example, in just the past two years, three new drugs have been approved for the treatment of certain lung cancers- three drugs that would not have made it to this stage without research funds.

For those reasons, the Lung DOT runs in Race for Research and works to raise money for lung cancer research. This event allows them to direct all of their fundraising specifically to lung and thoracic cancer research, but more specifically, to helping the patients they work with every day.